Lighting data pooling

Lighting Data Pooling – access to trustworthy, structural and consistent market information

There is absence of reliable and regular comprehensive information about the lighting market of the Russian Federation:

  • The state does not gather, systematize or analyze lighting statistics
  • Lighting companies do not publish information about their activities
  • There is no independent branch association that would unite the key players and work on collecting and analyzing the principal market indices
  • Russian research companies that make reports on all branches of the economy know precious little about the lighting market, and since the latter is less attractive (monetary capacity, complex structure) than the other markets, they do not invest in resources to raise the standards of their work
  • Consulting companies abroad offering analyses of Russia’s lighting market rely on widely available, frequently superficial information and base on that their vision of the market, hence their conclusions that fail to reflect the actual state of affairs

Yet, lighting companies need access to trustworthy, structural and consistent market information as the vital key success factor in making correct business decisions.

That is why Lighting Business Consulting has set up lighting data pooling to assist lighting stakeholders in:

  • Getting regular and detailed information on market and its dynamics
  • Receiving independent market share information
  • Measuring efficiency of marketing campaigns
  • Making timely and correct business decision

Pooling – basic principals:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Regular sales data submission
  • Confidentiality

Pooling participants:

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