Market data

The Lighting Market* in Russia in 2013
was estimated at 1,9 Bln USD

According to LBC experts, given the current
economic development trend in Russia,
the Lighting market will grow 2.7x times faster**
on average than will the global market,
reaching a 4.4 Bln USD mark in 2020.

Share of LED-based products (in value terms)
was 37% or 714 Mln USD in 2013
and will reach 83% or 3,7 Bln USD in 2020:

LED luminaries’ market in 2013 was worth 455
LED lamps’ market in 2013 was worth 249

*Includes: professional luminaries, professional and consumer
conventional lamps, professional and consumer LED lamps
Excludes: automotive lamps, consumer luminaries, media facades,
special lighting, gears

**Russia market CAGR 12,74% (Source: LBC); Global market CAGR 4,68% (Source: McKinsey “Lighting the way”, 2012)

***Conservative forecast of the long-term social and economic development of the Russian Federation
up to 2030, Ministry of Economic Development of