Our services

LBC is a trusted partner for a variety of services:

  1. Help Foreign Lighting Companies to develop a successful
    marketing and/or sales strategy for Russia
  2. Help international Lighting Companies to find interesting and
    reliable business Partners in Russia closely closely linked to your
    company targets and scope
  3. Provide reliable (quarterly) Market Information about the
    Russian Market (lamps and/or Luminaires). We are the
    only company that provides Market Information on
    Market pooling basis (fact based): Size, Dynamics, Trends.
  4. Provide you with the right staff to support you with the
    implementation of your business expansion strategy
    (Selection & Recruiting)
  5. Organize Event Management (Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars,
    Workshops, Customer events)
  6. Perform specific research on request (E.g. Product- and Price
    benchmark studies and/or specific Market studies)
  7. Provide Advices/Workshops on how to do business in Russia, a.o.
     based on insights in the cultural differences. Helping you to create contacts with interesting business partners and/or stakeholders.

As a team of Lighting specialists with more that 80 years experience in Lighting
and in the Russian market specifics’ we can Help!