Subscription services

Regular monitoring of foreign economic activity (FEA) in the lighting area in the Russian Federation based on customs declarations.

Within the framework of this service the company will ascertain and analyze the amounts of lighting imports and exports in terms of quantity (pieces) and value (US$), according to product type, proceeding from the databases of customs declarations after the HS commodity classification codes.

Prompt information about the procurement (tenders) on the territory of the Russian Federation under Federal Law №223 along the following lines:

  • Street lighting: deliveries of lighting equipment, organization and modernization of outdoor lighting
  • Industrial lighting: deliveries of luminaires, modernization of lighting, etc.
  • Office lighting; deliveries of luminaires, reconstruction of indoor lighting, etc.
  • Architectural lighting: organization of architectural lighting, facade illumination, etc.
  • Designing of lighting systems: design of uniform light-and-color environment, architectural lighting of facades and areas, etc.

Prompt information about procurement (bids) taking place on Russian territory under Federal Law №44 along the following lines:

  • Outdoor lighting: deliveries of lighting equipment, reconstruction, modernization and repairs of outdoor lighting facilities, etc.
  • Architectural lighting: architectural-artistic illumination of buildings, construction and assembly work on architectural lighting, repairs of architectural illumination, etc.
  • Lighting system designing: designs of uniform light and color environment, architectural lighting of bridges, buildings, etc.